Sump Pump Maintenance - Winter Repair

Sump Pumps are mostly talked about during the summer months, but sometimes they are used year around.   At times during the winter ServiceMaster will receive calls from customers because there sump pump hose froze and has caused water damage in the lower level of their homes. Some sump pumps have an extension hose that removes the water from the sump pit and drains it away from the home. While the sump pump extension hose is very important during spring and summer, in the winter months it can wreak havoc on your sump pump. This problem is very easy to prevent.

To avoid getting a frozen sump pump extension hose, which may possibly lead to a damaged sump pump or a flooded home, remove the sump pump extension hose when the temperature outside dips below freezing. If the hose does become clogged with ice, simply unplug the sump pump so it will not attempt to work and remove water from the pit and let the hose thaw or simply remove the extension hose and try to operate the pump that way.

Making sure the sump pump extension hose is properly connected to the sump pump with a pipe clamp that is securely fastened is very important to prevent most problems with a sump pump. If you live in an area that regularly drops below freezing in the winter, you should disconnect the sump pump extension hose before it gets cold.